Adams-Spink Ltd

People Before Technology Welcome to Adams-Spink Ltd , set up by Geoff Adams-Spink, formerly the BBC's Age & Disability Correspondent. 

The company has two purposes: to promote Geoff as a writer , broadcaster , public speaker , trainer and consultant - specialising in disability equality.  The company also projects Geoff's vision of technology being key to improving people's quality of life. 

Geoff has a small number of carefully-chosen associates , all of whom are acknowledged experts in their field.


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Geoff displays a breadth of knowledge on access to technology with an ability to full testimonial

Geoff is intelligent, knowledgeable and diligent.  Whilst he can be persuasive, tenacious and forthright, full testimonial

Geoff is great to work with.  He is committed, enthusiastic and he often full testimonial

When I was the Chairman of the Disability Rights Commission Geoff was in regular full testimonial

I have been involved with Geoff on several media projects and find him extremely professional, full testimonial

Geoff helped me through a difficult situation, with humour and candour.  We met full testimonial

Geoff is a fine all-round, all-media journalist with unmatched knowledge of disability issues and full testimonial

"Geoff is a first class journalist with a sound expert knowledge of disability issues full testimonial

The EUROmediCAT conference on pharmacovigilance in Poznan was really a success - but especially full testimonial

I felt that Geoff's approach to the subject and review of our products came full testimonial

Geoff is on the frontline of age and disability reporting in the UK.  His full testimonial

I have found him an immensely useful source of advice and information, providing extremely full testimonial

Geoff is intelligent, perceptive and forthright, which are all good qualities in a journalist. full testimonial

Geoff Adams-Spink is an integral member of our BCIDN board and I recommend him full testimonial

Geoff is a highly intelligent and articulate individual with an eye for detail.  He full testimonial

Geoff was truly inspirational.  He got it just right and everyone was absolutely full testimonial

Geoff is an inspirational speaker about disability issues and always gets his message across full testimonial

Geoff brings a very personal perspective to his current post but for me, Geoff's full testimonial

Without Geoff's guidance on our Leadership Development programme at the BBC we would not full testimonial

I enjoy working with Geoff immensely.  He demonstrates highly effective leadership skills and full testimonial

Geoff is a great reporter, always comes up with a good hook to sell full testimonial

I first met Geoff when we were both involved in assessing candidates for the BBC' full testimonial

Geoff is passionate about the rights of others and has directed his considerable energies full testimonial

Drawing upon his many years as a BBC Correspondent, Geoff is a consummate and full testimonial

Geoff is extremely bright, writes well, reports well and is an efficient and intelligent producer. full testimonial

Geoff provided invaluable and insightful input into the development of the ENPS system for full testimonial

Geoff was an entertaining and a knowledgeable speaker.  He enthralled the audience and full testimonial

In my experience, Geoff really stands out from the crowd.  I found him full testimonial

Geoff is just great, an efficient friendly full testimonial

We were lucky to have Geoff as a facilitator in our Training of Trainers full testimonial

Geoff is exceedingly passionate about the work he does.  He is a tireless full testimonial

Geoff was very professional, friendly and knowledgable.  In short, a really decent full testimonial

Geoff delivered an insightful speech about his experiences as a disabled consumer at our full testimonial

Geoff is a highly professional, effective and imaginative journalist with a wide range of full testimonial

Geoff's ability to seek, find, grab and present the story and the essence of full testimonial

Geoff is a consummate journalist.  Great to work full testimonial

Geoff has impressed me with the speed of his response to inquiries, and his full testimonial

Geoff brings the same enthusiasm to work as he does to life, and is full testimonial

Geoff was a brilliant moderator for the Future of Accessibility event that we organised full testimonial

Working with Geoff - as I did on a BBC media development project he full testimonial

Geoff is an excellent reporter with the ability to quickly understand complex project situations, full testimonial

Geoff was such a fantastic Chair, really inspiring and so eloquent and diplomatic.  I full testimonial

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