Geoff Adams-Spink

Geoff Adams-Spink has worked around the world, performing a variety of roles in more than two decades at the BBC.  Here is a selection of comments from people with whom Geoff has worked:

Geoff was a brilliant moderator for the Future of Accessibility event that we organised at the Microsoft Centre in Brussels.  He brought the sessions to life with amazing wit and freshness, creating really genuine conversations and bringing the best out of all the speakers we had.  We are grateful for his contribution and it was an honour to have him moderating our event!
Adina Braha-Honciuc | Microsoft Europe
Geoff provided invaluable and insightful input into the development of the ENPS system for BBC News.  He devised a series of working practices to make the best use of the electronic news system in the workplace, showing an extremely high level of technical expertise, strong organisational and managerial abilities, finely-tuned people skills and a level-headed approach to problem solving.
Aminda Leigh | Head, Editorial Development, BBC ENPS Project
Geoff is a highly intelligent and articulate individual with an eye for detail.  He is balanced and knowledgeable in his approach to problem solving, and fair and diplomatic in negotiations.
Anya Tahir | Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of State, Department of Health
Drawing upon his many years as a BBC Correspondent, Geoff is a consummate and knowledgeable professional that is able to keep any audience engaged.  His well-considered approach to hosting events and open style of communication make him a joy to work with.  We would highly recommend Geoff as a public speaker or event host.
Ashley Teaupa | Business Disability Forum
Geoff was very professional, friendly and knowledgable.  In short, a really decent bloke.
Barrie Ellis | Top Dog, One Switch
When I was the Chairman of the Disability Rights Commission Geoff was in regular contact regarding news relating to disability and disabled people.  He was always professional, did his research and got his facts rights.  He is a journalist who has integrity and intelligence.
Bert Massie | Commission for the Compact
Geoff was truly inspirational.  He got it just right and everyone was absolutely transfixed by his story.
Catherine McGrath | Marketing Consultant
I have found him an immensely useful source of advice and information, providing extremely relevant professional guidance as a radio producer.  Geoff has an outstanding reputation within the BBC as both a producer and broadcaster, capable of mastering challenging briefs and offering crucial advice on different aspects of radio work.
Chris Simpson | BBC Reporter based in Africa
Geoff is intelligent, perceptive and forthright, which are all good qualities in a journalist.  He's also very personable and fun to work with.
Clare Morrow | Network Manager, BCIDN
Geoff displays a breadth of knowledge on access to technology with an ability to communicate that clearly a self deprecating humour that is both engaging and effective.
David Banes | Director of Development, AbilityNet
"Geoff is a first class journalist with a sound expert knowledge of disability issues and the rights of disabled people."
Douglas Campbell | Chairman, Mobilise
Geoff was such a fantastic Chair, really inspiring and so eloquent and diplomatic.  I knew he was just the person for the job.
Dr Ruth Blue | Wellcome Collection
Geoff is exceedingly passionate about the work he does.  He is a tireless campaigner and 'go getter' who never fails to meet any challenge.  Geoff is inspiring, enthusiastic, determined and a joy to work with.
Emma Taylor | Communications Executive, Irwin Mitchell
Geoff was an entertaining and a knowledgeable speaker.  He enthralled the audience and people were very satisfied with his speech and the movies he showed.
Finn Hellman | Project Manager, SRF (Swedish Public Broadcasting)
Geoff has impressed me with the speed of his response to inquiries, and his creative suggestions that have invariably improved my work.  Over the years, he has mastered many disparate briefs within the BBC, and is widely admired for his skill, flexibility and work ethic.
Frank Partridge | Former news presenter & correspondent, BBC Radio
Geoff brings the same enthusiasm to work as he does to life, and is always looking for fresh ideas or new ways to approach topics that have been covered before.  He has used his own experiences to enrich his journalism but has never let it undermine his sense of fairness.
Gary Duffy | UK Editor, BBC News website
In my experience, Geoff really stands out from the crowd.  I found him thorough and independent in his research.  He asks relevant, critical questions (in the positive sense of the word) and covers stories objectively and meaningfully.  You would want all journalists to be like him.
Guido Gybels | Director of Technology, RNID
Geoff is just great, an efficient friendly face.
Hugh Schofield | France correspondent, AFP
We were lucky to have Geoff as a facilitator in our Training of Trainers programme within the EU-funded IDEAS project.  He has a vast practical experience in journalism and work with the media.  His excellent training techniques, and ability to adjust to the needs of the audience, contributed to the success of our event.
Irina Sukhinina | British Council - Ukraine
Geoff is extremely bright, writes well, reports well and is an efficient and intelligent producer.  He's versatile and multi-skilled in all areas of journalism and media.
Jasmine Birtles | Owner, Jasmine Birtles Ltd
Geoff is an inspirational speaker about disability issues and always gets his message across in exciting ways.
Kate Nash | Relationship Manager, Employers' Forum on Disability
Geoff is on the frontline of age and disability reporting in the UK.  His genuine interest and intelligent approach ensure that each report is carefully crafted and rich with information.
Léonie Watson | Director of Accessibility, Nomensa
Geoff Adams-Spink is an integral member of our BCIDN board and I recommend him personally and have great respect for his journalistic record at the BBC.
Liza Fletcher | Administrator, BCIDN
Without Geoff's guidance on our Leadership Development programme at the BBC we would not have had such a fully accessible programme for everyone regardless of their disability.  It would not have been the success it was either!
Louise Katz | Learning Executive, BBC Leadership Training & Development
Geoff's ability to seek, find, grab and present the story and the essence of our communication was a very pleasant experience with full integrity.  - I would love to work with him again.
Mads Bendt | Danish Entrepreneur
I felt that Geoff's approach to the subject and review of our products came across as very impartial and professional.  He is extremely honest and to the point.
Mark Statham | General Manager, Bierley.com Limited
Geoff helped me through a difficult situation, with humour and candour.  We met at Ashridge Business School, on a BBC Leadership Course.  We have been in touch since and I am happy to recommend anyone to work with him.  He is a man of integrity and wit, with a canny awareness of what makes people and organisations tick.
Neil Mullarkey | Head Honcho, ImprovYourBiz
Geoff is a consummate journalist.  Great to work with.
Nicola Pazdzierska | Press Officer, Disability Rights Commission
I first met Geoff when we were both involved in assessing candidates for the BBC's Journalism Trainee Scheme...I knew that Geoff would be an excellent assessor.  Because of his role, he would bring good insights to a scheme that was set up to widen access to BBC Journalism.
Paul Deal | Manager, Journalism Talent Pool, BBC
Geoff is passionate about the rights of others and has directed his considerable energies and talent towards making the world a more informed and better place for disabled people and their supporters.  He is tenacious, hard working and fun to be with!
Phil Friend | Chair, RADAR
The EUROmediCAT conference on pharmacovigilance in Poznan was really a success - but especially because of Geoff's presence and lecture - many, many people told me how impressive and extremely interesting the lecture was!
Prof. Anna Latos-Bielenska | Poznan University, Department of Medical Genetics
Geoff is an excellent reporter with the ability to quickly understand complex project situations, and present them to the listeners and viewers in a simple understandable way.
Prof. Gottfried Zimmermann | University of Tübingen
Geoff delivered an insightful speech about his experiences as a disabled consumer at our high profile event.  He was very entertaining, often mischievous and unafraid to tell the business and govenrment leaders in the room the price of 'getting it wrong'.
Richard Loader | Business Disability Forum
I enjoy working with Geoff immensely.  He demonstrates highly effective leadership skills and is able to achieve results.
Robert Langford | Diversity Business Partner, BBC
I have been involved with Geoff on several media projects and find him extremely professional, personable and a real pleasure to work with.
Robin Christopherson | Web Consultancy Manager, AbilityNet
Geoff is great to work with.  He is committed, enthusiastic and he often exceeds expectation.

Strives to take on a challenge and delivers!

Roel Jansen | Personal Trainer
Geoff is intelligent, knowledgeable and diligent.  Whilst he can be persuasive, tenacious and forthright, he is also charming, has a great sense of humour and is fun to be with.  Geoff has a high level of expertise on access to technology, and has personal experience of disability issues and the rights of disabled people.  He can always be relied upon to respond with alacrity to inquiries of a work or friend related nature.
Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds | RMS Disability Issues Consultancy
Working with Geoff - as I did on a BBC media development project he was leading in Rwanda - is a real challenge and incredibly rewarding because he demands the same exacting professional and editorial standards of his colleagues as he does of himself.  He manages to keep people on side even in the most difficult situations because, despite his honesty and trademark plain speaking, he is always scrupulously fair and objective in his assessments.
Russell Peasgood | Project Manager, BBC
Geoff brings a very personal perspective to his current post but for me, Geoff's physical challenges have never defined him or limited him in what he has been able to achieve.  He is someone I admire greatly and I would have no hesitation in recommending him in any capacity.
Tania Shields Tirraoro | Freelance Journalist, Writer and Blogger
Geoff is a fine all-round, all-media journalist with unmatched knowledge of disability issues and policy - and he's an A1 bloke.
Tim Fenton | Managing Editor, BBC News Interactive
Geoff is a great reporter, always comes up with a good hook to sell the story to the audience.
Tim Weber | Business Editor, BBC News
Geoff is a highly professional, effective and imaginative journalist with a wide range of advanced broadcasting production and editorial skills.  He is also a very good colleague and easy to work with.
William Horsley | UK Chairman, Association of European Journalists